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* Caesars Foundation is committed to reducing the use of paper whenever possible and therefore does not accept unsolicited materials in paper form.

The Caesars Foundation's Will to Do Wonders is working wonders
each day, in cities, in towns throughout the U.S. and globally.

Helping older individuals live longer, healthier, more fulfilling lives... at every stage of the aging process.

Marshaling our financial resources – and the commitment of our colleagues – to promote a more sustainable world.

Strengthening the social, economic, educational and cultural life of dozens of communities where Caesars Entertainment operates.


Caesars Foundation is a private foundation funded by resorts owned or operated by the Caesars group. The Foundation is the entity through which Caesars Entertainment funds programs and projects of $5,000 or more, as well as not-for-profit giving requirements imposed by certain operating jurisdictions. The Foundation's objective is to strengthen organizations and programs in the communities where our employees and their families live and work.

The Foundation is not designed to react to last-minute requests or event sponsorships. Caesars Foundation does not accept requests for in-kind contributions. For more information regarding company-wide giving, or to submit a request for in-kind or monetary donations from one of Caesars Entertainment's properties, please click here.

Important Notice: Caesars Foundation is not accepting unsolicited funding proposals in 2019.


Caesars Foundation focuses its philanthropic giving on three distinct areas:


In order for a request to be considered, the organization must:


Requests must be submitted online. Caesars Foundation does not accept requests via postal mail. Caesars Foundation is currently only accepting funding proposals from solicited organizations at this time.

Cover letter with the following:

Attachments should include:

Points of Difference

Strategic giving:
Directing our resources where they can make a world of difference

We place considerable emphasis on ensuring that our financial support is directed toward a relatively small number of programs and organizations that help further our overarching goals: Helping older individuals live longer, healthier, more fulfilling lives; promoting a safer, cleaner environment and providing innovative educational opportunities; and improving the quality of life in our operating communities.

Sustained support:
Seeing our commitments through

No single grant or one-time donation is sufficient to solve complex issues such as hunger, poverty and chronic disease. That's why the Caesars Foundation typically seeks to establish multi-year relationships with its key philanthropic partners.

Our longstanding support of groups such as Meals On Wheels Association of America, AARP Foundation, Opportunity Village, the Public Education Foundation and other organizations offers evidence of our intention to see our commitments through. And this farsighted approach is working for our partners and their constituents.

Bringing our teams along:
Fostering employee engagement for maximum impact

Caesars Foundation strives to harness the energy, drive and enthusiasm of Caesars Entertainment employees in support of our various charitable commitments and partnerships. Their personal financial contributions and thousands of hours of volunteer work add immeasurable value to our efforts.

Building a broader knowledge base:
Conducting research, heightening public awareness of critical social issues

Caesars Foundation provides valuable financial support to worthy civic, philanthropic, educational and community partners in ways that produce meaningful, measurable results for individuals and communities alike.

But beyond our philanthropic role, the Foundation also brings together various stakeholders – academic experts, government organizations, research institutes and other authorities in various disciplines – to conduct research and create broader awareness of social issues it addresses through its gifts, grants and donations.


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